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Hands-On Physical Therapy in Ardmore

Main Line Physio, delivering concierge physical therapy in Ardmore and Main Line Philadelphia, emphasizes a hands-on manual therapy approach to treating injuries and conditions.

Specialty services include:

General Orthopedics

Your physio is experienced and specially trained in correcting injuries and conditions that impact the skeletal system and its joints, muscles and ligaments. Our manual therapy approach is effective in easing pain and inflammation and promoting the healing process. You will be meeting with the same physiotherapist each time which makes it more effective for your progress to be charted.

Australian-Based Manual therapy

Dr. Leib is certified and uniquely experienced in the methods of Geoffrey Maitland and Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS).

This approach has long been considered the cornerstone of modern day Orthopedic Manual Therapy for treatment of both spinal and peripheral conditions.

The approach is patient-centric, and utilizes the latest evidence-based research in manual therapy/physiotherapy.

Maitland-based therapists utilize progressively graded joint and soft tissue mobilizations in order to gently, efficiently, and safely alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, restore movement, and maximize function.

McKenzie Mechanical Therapy

Dr. Leib received his certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment through the McKenzie Institute in 2009.

He has since mastered the use of this well researched assessment and treatment methodology and routinely uses its tenets to successfully treat chronic conditions that have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere.

The McKenzie Method is appropriate for most conditions of the spine and/or extremities and uses a comprehensive and clinically reasoned evaluation of patients without the use of expensive diagnostic imaging (e.g. x-rays and MRIs).

The treatment principles of the McKenzie Method make it easy for you to learn how to treat yourself.

This effectively makes you your own therapist, allowing you to gain control of your symptoms for good!

Functional Movement Assessments and Screens

Dr. Leib utilizes the principles of the Functional Movement Systems in both evaluating what treatment is most appropriate for you and for understanding when you are ready to return to unsupervised higher level activity such as sport and labor intensive job duties.

This approach to assessment, treatment and exercise programming is imperative in prioritizing what part of the whole person needs the most attention. This approach allows you to consistently see progress with movements that are meaningful in your daily life and therefore, make you a more active and willing participant in the rehabilitation process.

Pilates-Based Therapy

Pilates is a form of exercise based on Joseph Pilates' concept of "Contrology" which incorporates a focus on  body and breath awareness while performing precise, flowing, "center-out" movements. Dr. Leib is well trained in the use of the Pilates Reformer and utilizes this unique machine in order to improve patient core stability, strength, and flexibility. 

To see a demonstration of the Pilates Reformer in action click here

Pain Management

Millions of people are impacted by chronic pain at some point in their lives and it can seriously impact their ability to function within their workplace and their family life. Chronic pain is the kind of pain that persists over weeks, months and even years. The pain signals keep impacting the nervous system to the discomfort of the patient. Sometimes chronic pain is the result of an injury but in other instances it is linked to conditions such as cancer, arthritis or neurogenic pain. Through our pain management program and our focus on mindfulness training, we have been able to help many people manage their pain more effectively.

Sports Injuries

Our one-on-one model of treatment combined with our skilled us of manual therapy and strength and conditioning programming is a perfect combination for those in need of a quick return to sport. Our focus is on ensuring that your current condition resolves quickly and that your injuries do not reoccur. We stress the importance of physical re-conditioning to ensure your body remains resilient to the unpredictable nature of competitive athletics and offer custom-designed programs to meet the demands of your specific sport.

Care for the aging adult     

Our concierge service is ideal for the aging adults who want to stay fit and active but find themselves more at risk for injury than their younger counterparts. Although the aging process does bring about natural challenges to physical function, there is no reason that a high level of activity cannot be maintained deep into old age.

Back and Neck Pain

Chronic back and neck pain remains the number one reason people miss work. Each year in the United States, it impacts more than 31 million people. Our program of manual therapy, lifestyle adjustments and exercise has been effective in getting many individuals back to work and to a normally active lifestyle.

Pre and post surgery care

Individuals benefit greatly from receiving physical therapy both before and after surgeries such as joint replacements. Our services are optimal both for preparing you for surgery as well as helping you regain motion and getting you back to your normal level of activity without lingering problems. Your therapist will work closely with your physician and surgeon to custom-design a course of care that will see you regain your physical independence and capabilities.

Balance Therapy

In order to for there to be improvement with balance, you need to gradually improve your competency with activities that may be currently unsafe. Working on these activities is nearly impossible and potentially dangerous if skilled supervision is not available. Our one-on-one model allows you to make gains much quicker by making it possible for your therapist to consistently assess your need for support and adapt your interventions to meet your improving function each session. Moreover, the constant supervision will minimize the fear of movement that is inherent to balance disturbances. Conquering this of fear of movement is often the key to quickly improving your function that was previously being limited by your balance. 

ait Analysis

Whether you are an individual struggling with balance in everyday life, or a high level athlete, a gait analysis is vital to help you meet your movement goals. Every step you take has the potential to create a cumulative strain of the body that can lead to injury, muscle imbalance, and wasted energy. Our concierge model allows for your gait to be deconstructed and remodeled so that every step helps to condition the body, not break it down.

Personal Training

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