Main Line Physio

Helping you achieve your movement potential

Main Line Physio, delivering physical therapy in Ardmore, PA and Main Line Philadelphia, is a concierge physical therapy practice offering one-on-one customized care to each patient.

We take a hands-on approach, specializing in manual therapy in our physiotherapist owned and operated clinic.

At our facility you will ALWAYS see the same physiotherapist each visit. Moreover, you will have continuous access to your therapist via email, and phone, and will have videos and educational material personally created for you for your convenience.

Our aim is two-fold:

1.To minimize the symptoms being caused by your orthopedic condition so that you can resume your prior level of function as quickly as possible

2.To improve your overall strength, conditioning and well-being far beyond your prior level of function so that your injury never re-surfaces.

Our aims are consistently accomplished through our expert use of the following:

1. Functional Movement Screening and Assessment

2. Functional Movement-Based Australian Manual Therapy

3. Mindfulness-Based Pain Management and Behavioral Reconditioning