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About Us

What is Concierge Physical Therapy?

Main Line Physio, delivers Concierge Physical Therapy to those in Ardmore and the surrounding Main Line Philadelphia areas. We are physiotherapist owned and operated.

  Our concierge approach incorporates three components:

  1. You will ALWAYS be with the same physiotherapist every session, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. You will develop a relationship with your therapist that continues well beyond the time you spend in your session. You will have consistent access to your physio via email and phone.
  3. In an effort to eliminate recurrences of your current condition, your physio will work with you to create a personalized wellness program to take your physical conditioning above and beyond your pre-injury level.

This VIP care is offered for all general orthopedic conditions, as well as for those looking to optimize physical function. This performance optimization is accomplished through the expert use of functional movement assessments and precise manual therapy interventions.

Furthermore, this personalized care approach is ideal for those who have been suffering with chronic pain for years and have failed to get help in the healthcare system thus far. 

Your physio is uniquely qualified in dealing with the complexities of chronic pain, and utilizes the evidence-based principles of mindfulness to improve your overall state of well-being which is vital when recovering from a chronic condition.

All prospective patients are offered a complimentary 30 minute evaluation to ensure that our services are right for you.